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Old Hardwoods can be made beautiful; new hardwoods can add beauty and value to your home.

Wood floor repair Wood floor repair Wood floor repair Wood floor repair


Benefit from our hardwood floor repair services

Frustrated with abraded or damaged hardwood floors? Let Hardwood Floor Refinishing Co LLC help you repair your wooden floor by tearing it out and replacing it. If your wood has an old vent there, we can patch that right up and have it looking brand new.

Your wood floor needs a repair depending on the foot traffic it faces every day. You need to take care of your flooring regularly with appropriate maintenance. It's time to schedule a floor repair if there are multiple scratches, deep scratches, loose planks, missing boards or cracks in the wood.

Contact us today for any of our professional services. Our experienced repair representatives can take care of your custom needs accordingly. With 16 years of experience and 6 years in business, you won't be disappointed with our quality work. We guarantee it!

  • Replace missing or rotten board

  • Tear out the old board and replace it

  • Patch holes in your hardwood floors

  • Repair squeaking boards, cracks and splits in the wood

  • Set right gaps in the floor

When do you need a wood floor repair?

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